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CytoDel was founded to commercialize technology developed by its founders at the NYU-Grossman School of Medicine (NYU). The Company has an exclusive license from NYU to this patented and proprietary platform, which is based on producing recombinant botulinum toxin (rBoT) derivatives that uniquely address high value medical needs.

BoT itself is best known as the active ingredient in pharmaceutical products such as Botox® (AbbVie/Allergan). All of the current FDA-approved BoT pharmaceutical products are produced by fermentation of the native Clostridium botulinum bacteria, serotype A1. Thus, all contain the same active ingredient, and differ only in their excipients, their production and analytical methodology and the approved clinical indications.

CytoDel utilizes recombinant protein engineering to produce atoxic rBoT derivatives that retain the intraneuronal trafficking properties of native BoT, but which have a controllable safety profile customized to specific indications. CytoDel’s lead program completely inactivates the protease responsible for the toxicity of native (wild type, wt) BoT, enabling the utilization of rBoTs to deliver therapeutic proteins to the cytoplasm of neurons for the treatment of conditions with high unmet medical need, including application to diseases of both the peripheral and central nervous system.

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